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2024 Is Going to Be a Dramatic Year in US Politics

For various reasons, the year 2023 has gone down in history as a year of instability in US politics. The year has seen many events, including the sacking of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Kevin McCarthy. Analysts say, instability will remain in the United States in 2024. With the presidential election ahead, that instability may increase.


In 2023, many events happened in US politics. The biggest of these was the removal of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. There was a revolt against him within his own party, the Republican Party. After McCarthy's departure, complications arose in choosing the next speaker. The process of passing the government expenditure bill is also stuck in that complication. The Interim Speaker does not have the authority to pass this bill. As a result, a lot of deadlock is created. But in the end, Mike Johnson was elected Speaker. Deadlock ended.


This is a snapshot of some of the events of the US Congress in the eventful year 2023. A lot more happened this year. The year 2023 was filled with the US position in the Gaza war, the continuation of military aid to Ukraine, the suspension of promotions in the military for months, the events related to George Santos, the judicial process against former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominees in the presidential election.


This trend will continue in 2024 as well. Rather, experts fear that this year is going to be more turbulent. They say that former President Trump, the ongoing legal process and election campaign against him will be in the headlines throughout the year. If the nomination from the Republican Party is confirmed, the duel with President Joe Biden will also be discussed. In addition, this year too, the Middle East crisis, the Ukraine war, the economy, etc. will try to control the course of US politics.


Turbulent situation in politics


Several cases are ongoing against former President Trump. Among these are the cases filed for trying to overturn the results of the election, paying porn stars to keep their mouths shut, and not managing confidential information properly. There are cases against him in Georgia, New York, Washington, Florida and many other places. The case filed in New York is already in the situation of Trump. Next March, just before "Super Tuesday", the judicial process of a case filed against Trump will begin in Washington DC. This is said to be the first major trial against Trump this year. The case is about the Trump Organization's management of funds.


However, a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Colorado applied a section on the rebellion of the Constitution and said that Donald Trump would not be eligible for the presidential election in that state. The meaning of the rule issued by the court is that Trump is no longer eligible to be a candidate for that state. This is the first time in the country's history that the provision of the US Constitution has been used to disqualify a presidential candidate. Trump went to the US Supreme Court against this rule. It may be heard next March.


Trump will appear in court in Florida next May. There is a case against him for mishandling confidential documents. And the trial of the election fraud case filed in Georgia may begin in August.


Experts believe that the cases filed against Trump and their process can have a great impact on US politics in 2024. However, even if he is convicted in any of these cases and goes to jail, he will still be able to contest the presidential election. In that case, he may not get the Republican Party nomination.


Meanwhile, in the next presidential election, the public of the United States is preparing to see the Biden-Trump duel once again, but some people think that this may not happen. Because there are some strong candidates in the Republican Party this time. One of them is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, the most recent opinion polls show that DeSantis's approval rating is declining day by day. But support is growing for former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Even so, Nikki Haley could overtake DeSantis in terms of public support. Several other nominees are in the fray. Next July is the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The name of the party's candidate for the next presidential election is expected to be announced there.


This is the political unrest surrounding Trump. Republican tactics to keep President Joe Biden distracted could also heat up the political arena this year. Trump has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives while in office. Republicans have been trying to impeach Biden in retaliation. Not only that, they also want to punish his son Hunter Biden.


Last December, Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry against Biden in the House of Representatives. If the investigation finds any impeachable information, the way Trump was impeached in 2019, Biden may also be tried to be impeached. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives is also investigating Hunter Biden. During this investigation, federal prosecutors charged him with tax evasion of $1.4 million. The results of these investigations may be available this year.


Complications with funding of government expenditure


At the end of 2023, there was a lot of trouble in Congress over the passage of the government spending bill. A deadlock was created in the government. This complication arose during the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Then the new Speaker, Mike Johnson, passed a bill that was said to be completely out of place. According to that bill, the funding to the government will stop at the end of 2023. However, Congress has until mid-January to pass military spending and until February to pass other government spending.


Experts say that divisions in the US Congress have already taken shape. Despite this, the bill passed by Mike Johnson will soon require a divided Congress to reach a multi-step consensus to keep the government running.


All in all, the impression that 2024 may not be a comfortable year in American politics has begun to appear before the end of 2023. Now it remains to be seen how skillfully President Biden and his party, the Democratic Party, handle the situation.

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