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14 Palestinians Killed In The West Bank By Israeli Troops: Raid Continued For 2 Days

At least 14 Palestinians were killed during a two-day raid at Nur Shams refugee camp in the West Bank. The IDF has called the dead Palestinians “terrorists” and justified the killings as the only option to protect the Israeli soldiers against violent gunmen and street attackers.

The ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza often overshadows the misery of the West Bank villages. Israeli military and Jewish settlers have constantly assaulted West Bank villagers since the famous 1967 war.

On Thursday, Israeli troops entered the Nur Shams refuge camp for the nearly 50-hour-long raid. No medical volunteer or even ambulances could enter the area during the raid, according to the Palestinian health ministry. An ambulance driver was reportedly shot in his legs while trying to assist the wounded.

A record number of 14 people have been killed in 2 days, the highest number of victims in months. Two of them have been officially identified, one of them being a 16-year-old boy.

Eyewitnesses have called the experience similar to having earthquakes. Mahmoud Qazmouz, an eyewitness, said, “I saw one of my relatives, Jihad Zandiq, put his hands in the air to the soldiers, but then they shot him anyway from point-blank range and killed him. Half of his skull exploded.”

Nur Shams camp near the city of Tulkarm frequently sees Israeli raids like this. Israeli military refuses to admit that any innocent civilian was dead.

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